Thursday, 29 October 2009


canon eos 300, fisheye, fuji film

this photo is about buses, and how long i spend on them because i haven't got a car; they can take you to nice places though, to meet nice people and they are good for thinking about stuff

taken on the 31 bus

Phil and Joe

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

these are two of my best friends, the one on the right is also my twin brother, they both like juice and music and sitting on my bed

taken in my bedroom

And in my hands a camera

this blog is a blog dedicated to my photos, i take photos an awful lot and thought i should put them somewhere that isn't just in the 'portfolio' style like flickr; here i can describe photos more and explain what i like about them and why i have included them in this blog.
most of these photos will be taken on my gap year between A levels and starting university, and will effectively help construct a visual diary of my year, i have done this once before with self portraits but i want to try a different and more interesting format for me.
i will be using a mixture of digital and film, i will explain what i use and when.

'and in my hands a camera, firmly pressed into the skin under my coat and through the cage of my bones, so you can see right in to a place where you once lived' - 'Long Way Home' - Line & A Dot