Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pin'ole 2

canon eos 40d, home made pinhole lens, tripod

went to burgess park today to locate a geocache (google it) and to take some pretty pinhole pictures.

i like how well the clouds have come out in this. hannah suggested that i put an old filter in front of the lens to flatten the light a bit and it has made the images somewhat sharper. i will keep playing with it and see what i can get tomorrow, im liking doing a little series. i might do it more often...

had four burgers at mcdonalds today. fuckin yeah

taken in burgess park

Monday, 30 May 2011


canon eos 40d, home-made pinhole lens, tripod

saw today that you can buy pinhole lenses made out of camera body caps, so i decided to make my own out of some black card. after a bit of knifing and taping i had one ready to use.

this is what my bed looked like post lens construction - http://i.imgur.com/MrtCl.jpg

i cut up a bit of clear negative and stuck it behind the hole in the card to save my sensor from getting more dusty than it already is and to give it a bit of a film-esque tint. im pretty happy with the results. im guessing the focal length is about 60mm. this was taken on a 30 second exposure.

im going to play with it some more and post another digital pinhole photo everyday this week. woop hipster shit

also i kind of redid my tumblr layout. now the images are all hi res so you can see every inch of rushed clone stamping and dodgy masking.

taken in our yard

Sunday, 29 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

we had a house outing to greenwich today ('grenitch' yeah the place where the time comes from).

when you're there it feels so far removed from london. the quaint cafes and little cobbled side streets threaded through the heart of it make it feel like more of a seaside town than a place that's only five minutes down the road from peckham. quite odd, but very nice all the same.

we sat and ate sandwiches and basked in the sunlight. afterwards we came home, lost the football over the wall again and had dinner.

hello new followers, (fanx elle!) you have 150 odd days to catch up on so if you're bored theres something to do. you will learn arguably too much about my life in the process.

taken in greenwich, london

Saturday, 28 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, sigma flash

woke up to the best parcels ever. stickers from miss emily of sears and a t shirt from mr alan of clarksons. i recommend you buy a t shirt, they are lovely and feature drawings of knives. get yrs here- theotherclarkson.bigcartel.com

bought a lot of beers in asda and watched the champions league final at home. rather disappointing but still pretty fun to watch. i ate too many peanuts.

nothing to do from now until september. i should probably find a job or something.

alans tumblr has changed my font for this post.

taken in our kitchen

Friday, 27 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

yeah its actually there. its one of the peices of artwork thats been installed in lcc this week as part of some final show of something or other. went in to have a tutorial today which went well, i have officially passed the first year of university. nuts

walked past this girl earlier who had so much make up on it actually looked like she was constructed purely of bronze. i wanted to scrape at the foundation layers with a spoon; i always imagine that would be quite satisfying.

wrote down what i dreamt last night in a half awake state this morning. out of the scrawl i could just about make out the words 'snow tunnel' 'big pole' and 'fast matches'. conclude from that what you will. im going to do this every night and post results.

taken in lcc

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nobody, not even the rain

canon eos 40d, olympus 50mm, converter

woke up today to find out my only lesson was cancelled. so much for last day of uni post, so much for getting up before mid day.

it rained like hell all day, we stayed inside, ate stuff, moved furniture around and watched the lightening and listened to the thunder. the weekly shop was completed and mushroom soup was made, it was lovely.

tutorial tomorrow, pretty much last thing at uni this year.

taken in my room

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm lens, tripod

aeroplane flying over our house this evening, ive wanted to do a light streaky thing with them like this for ages.

had a pretty standard day today. did the washing up, ate some food, listened to la dispute, cycled a bit. also just saw the biggest spider ever crawl right past me outside and i feel all itchy.

basically last day at uni tomorrow for this year. madness.

taken in our yard

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Damaged goods

canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm lens

went into uni to basically just hand in work today. my written up notes from the contextual studies discussion on magazines turned into a 700 word mini thesis on the sign systems used in this months issue of mens health. y u so easy to remember Alevel media studies?

came back and went to play football up in burgess park. tim and thom collided and hurt their legs. after that we sat and watched helicopters monitoring the obama situation from the sky.

day off tomorrow

taken in burgess park

Monday, 23 May 2011


sony ericsson elm, door peep hole

been wanting to take this for ages and the sunset was just right tonight.

had to do the filmy project thing in uni today and our group decided to focus on the microwave in the canteen. seriously exciting stuff. we did all the shots and everything alright though and it looked ok in the end.

arrived home to new shoes and a brand new house bb gun. we've basically been shooting stuff, playing football in the yard and eating curry this evening. #lads

chris came round aswell. lovely to see him

right now i have to write up notes into some kind of proper mini essay and sort out my tourist photos to submit tomorrow. ehhh

taken in the hallway

Sunday, 22 May 2011


canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm lens

walked around london today trying to get pictures of tourists doing 'funny, witty or surreal' things. although there are a lot of stupid tourists in london, this is harder than it sounds. took this photo of some kids jumping between some stuff and a few others that should be okay for the assignment.

in other news la noire fever has taken over 171. tim and phil have been drinking whiskey, smoking cigarettes and listening to swing / jazz all day. its only a matter of time before i find some bwoads coipse in the twunk of tims sled.

taken on southbank

Saturday, 21 May 2011

His favourite word is dream

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

had some awesome dreams last night / this morning.

dreamt that i could levitate stuff wingardium leviosa style and that i was part of a team of snipers and my gun broke but then i fixed it myself then my mum bought me a bottle of orange fanta. best dream ever

going to cambridge today to play another show. when i say cambridge i mean wisbech which is actually like london to cambridge, then london to cambridge again. should be a right larff though. finally get to see brontide as well. wikid

taken in my room

Friday, 20 May 2011

Bus lane

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, self timer, bike

la noire fever hit 171 today, so we've mostly been playing that. the graphics are seriously good and the story is so detailed its amazing. addictive

went to tesco with rhia to buy some beers and pastry items and took this on the cycle back, i need to get some kind of handlebar mountable tripod because doing it one handed is sketchy.

taken in peckham

Thursday, 19 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, sigma flash, tripod, cable release

few things are more satisfying in life than building a bicycle from the ground up. thats exactly what ive done recently and what joe did today with the above parts.

i cycled to uni for the first time today after getting the train back to london super early. cycling in london is fun and takes all your concentration plus leg power (especially on a fixed gear bike). me and toni chained our bikes up all cosy like and left them to get to know each other whilst we went and had a critique class with this new lecturer of ours. he was pretty harsh about a lot of peoples work. i had a few arguments with him throughout the course of the lesson because he kept contradicting himself when talking about peoples work. i think i argue with teachers too much…

la noire released tomorrow. 171 is going to be a busy household over the next few weeks.

taken in our garden

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Happy birthday mum!

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

me and joe got on the train home to bridport at about nine oclock in order to surprise mum on her birthday. i think we managed.

turns out there is now a swingball set at home so we spent a fair amount of the day playing with that, eating and just hanging out.

back to london bright and early tomorrow. train sleep

taken in the garden

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, studio flash catch

today we handed in some assignments, played with some studio lights whilst looking at soft core porn and talked about magazines. standard day

phil and thom made a really nice curry for dinnar and we had poppadoms and everything. bought some new washing up brushes aswell, yellow and orange ones to make the task seem more colourful and appealing.

i need some new shoes. mine are starting to do the squeaky heel thing again.

taken in studio 2, lcc

Monday, 16 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, on camera flash

yesterday was the last night of the bastions and goodtime boys uk tour. we played the first date, one in the middleish and the last one as well. it was great fun and they're all wicked guys.

did the classic end of tour group shot / hardcore dancing (im looking at you danny) / group hug / bundle then headed back to london with heavy hearts and heavier eyes.

driving back over the severn bridge was very disappointing, i was expecting it to be lit up or something but it wasnt.

side note: check out this guys photos; theyre nice and linear and stuff and i really like them - http://andrewpcapc.tumblr.com/

taken outside clwb ifor bach, cardiff

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cranes and cranes and cranes

canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm lens

cardiff today, my arm fucking hurts.

taken in our garden

Saturday, 14 May 2011

This is my tigersuit

canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm lens

after bidding clements fair well i went into central to take photos for a college assignment, i think you can probably guess what its about.

i walked around for ages. i saw some people doing street gambling with dice and matchboxes, tourists loosing money, a street performer walking along a tight rope, a pretty girl taking photos of him, a protest about last years ivory coast elections and some people setting balloons sail into the sky in trafalgar.

later on we played football and i hurt my arm; i think it needs some ice. this is going to make playing drums tomorrow a lot more interesting / painful.

taken under the bridge near waterloo station

Friday, 13 May 2011

Aye eye

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

went into central today and had lunch / a mini picnic in the park by the london eye. clements chased a wild goose on phils bike and i nearly succeeded in my life long task of punching a pigeon in flight. there were loads of kids near us dancing and singing and another group of people practising what i can only imagine was some kind of improvised theatre, serious entertainment.

tonight is clements' last night here at 171 and its been a joy having him stay, he made veggie toad in the hole just now that went down an absolute treat. we'll all be sad to see him go.

taken in the park near the london eye

Plane moon

canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm

today i woke up late. we went into central and bought parts to finally fix up my bike and then we came home and fixed it. so nice to be able to ride again.

took this photo in the evening before we had a bbq, apparently clements is going to make us veggie sausage toad in the hole tomorrow, im excited.

not much else happened. day off tomorrow, saturday comes afterwards, then cardiff with goodtime boys and bastions on sunday. fuckin ace

taken in our yard

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Clements comes to stay

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

today saw the arrival of tom clements at 171. hes a good friend of ours and hes going to be staying for a few days after drunkenly booking a train ticket last sunday night.

this is tim lifting tom to look through thoms window. ttt

i haven't done much today. should be fixing bike tomorrow though (finally), so i can finally stop spending insane amounts of money to use buses and instead use it to buy nice wheels.

going to see goodtime boys and bastions in camden later, should be a blast.

taken in our yard

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Walnut street is dead

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

today was long.com

started at half ten and ive only just got back from uni, went home for abit in my three hour break but still. tiring.

had a good introduction into using final cut pro, good teacher, obviously a massive geek but i love that. when someone can talk for 10 minutes about all the different kind of video codecs they obviously have a passion for the subject. toni and tolga made a rather un-pc video in which toni played an unfortunate version of herself minus one leg after a rickshaw accident. it was absolutely hilarious though.

started listening to a band called 'the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die' today. seriously good progressive post hardcoreish kind of stuff. if you're into that sort of thing (im looking at you laurie) download their stuff here. i recommend 'formlessness'

taken in m208

Monday, 9 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

journeyed back to london today after playing / getting quite drunk in bournemouth last night with tom, flora loz and others. bastions and goodtime boys were playing and were again amazing. lovely chaps as well, lovely chaps.
tomorrow at uni lasts from 10 in the morning to about 8 in the evening. its going to be a longun.
im looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight, last nights blow up matress and dressing gown blanket was uncomfortable at best.
tumblrs down tonight, so i might not get a post up there.
i have a feeling the place where rules one and two apply may have had something to do with it...

taken at winchester services


blackberry torch

ibar wi fi down. preliminary post incase i cant get to clements’ house before 12.

taken on holdenhurst road

supposed to be posted yesterday... i didnt manage to get it on blogpost but i did get it on tumblr so i havent failed.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Secret agent

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

played in wrexham last night with bastions and goodtime boys, both ace bands and awesome dudes.

we found a couple of places to stay but instead decided that driving home would be a better idea, although at half past two on the outskirts of birmingham this was starting to seem like a bad idea. after a lot of driving, red bull and drum and bass we arrived in london deliriously tired but safe just as the sun was coming up. tim basically drove the length of the uk in under 24 hours and played a show, such a trooper.

bournemouth tomorrow, more awesome music and tom celements' birthday. apparently theres party bags and everything. flora, you treat us too well.

taken somewhere in england

Friday, 6 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

phil writing out stickers to put on cds.

got to go to wrexham now, tims driving, which seat can i takeeeee?

looking forward to seeing bastions and goodtime boys. rock

taken in my room

Thursday, 5 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

we spent an awful lot of last night making singles to give out at the two shows were playing this weekend. im looking forward to them immensely.

going back to bridport to pick up gear now, long drives upon long drives.

had a new teacher today, he seems pretty strict and on the ball. maybe thats what our class needs, someone to keep us on our toes abit. itl be interesting none the less.

taken in tims room

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, sigma flash

i have recently, after a number of suggestions and a particular "shit the fucking showers leaking through the ceiling" incident decided to take a number of baths. at first i was dubious after not taking one in about six years but they are actually really nice. not so convenient for actual washing, but very warm.

short day today but a long one tomorrow, cds to make, travelling back to bridport to do and essays to hand in. speaking of essays, i should probably finish the one im currently in the middle of.

alan sent me some stickers today, they're wicked. fanx buddy

taken in our bathroom

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bank justice

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

first day back at uni today, it was only brief but still nice to see people again / hear daves war stories.

came back home and got rent money from the bank. whilst in the queue i overheard this bank guy saying to the woman behind me that she wouldnt be able to change her address over the counter because it would take too long. i intervened and said she should be allowed to take as long as she likes over the counter, regardless of the queue. he was like, oh okay and walked off. felt good man. theyre so fucking slack in there its unreal.

paid rent, pulled out root in garden, started on album artwork. still got that 1000 word essay to do though, shiii

taken in the library, lcc

Monday, 2 May 2011

Mount Fuji

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

the summer bike building and garden maintenance is well underway, new spray paint and compost has been bought.

i think we are probably some of the only students in the country that actually care about the look of their garden. although our attitude is probably not helped by the couple next door setting the bar so high with their horticultural masterpiece. neighbour envy.

first day back at uni tomorrow after the month off, only for an hour or so though. it will be nice to see everyone again and actually have some kind of routine for once.

also its just occurred to me that this is the third joe picture in a row. he has been doing quite photo worthy things though, good on him.

taken in our garden

Sunday, 1 May 2011

This ships going down

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, on camera flash

today i woke up late, cleaned out luxembourg's tank, then phil came home, then we had bbq number 3. im actually getting sick of the taste now, also i've inhaled enough smoke to last me quite some time.

just now we shaved joes head, and then we properly shaved it with a razor. we've been talking about doing this for sometime and now its finally happened it looks awesome. it is currently being moisturised.

its nice to be back in 171.

taken in our kitchen