Thursday, 29 October 2009

And in my hands a camera

this blog is a blog dedicated to my photos, i take photos an awful lot and thought i should put them somewhere that isn't just in the 'portfolio' style like flickr; here i can describe photos more and explain what i like about them and why i have included them in this blog.
most of these photos will be taken on my gap year between A levels and starting university, and will effectively help construct a visual diary of my year, i have done this once before with self portraits but i want to try a different and more interesting format for me.
i will be using a mixture of digital and film, i will explain what i use and when.

'and in my hands a camera, firmly pressed into the skin under my coat and through the cage of my bones, so you can see right in to a place where you once lived' - 'Long Way Home' - Line & A Dot

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