Wednesday, 28 April 2010


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, tripod

sunlight coming through the blinds in my room this morning.
my sleeping pattern is not what it should be.
i like the blue and the little bits of detail here and there, like the fish tank.
joe and phil woke me up today, they are the best alarm clock ever.

taken in my room

Monday, 26 April 2010

Happy birthday charlie

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

my little brother charlie turned 5 years old today.
this is him ripping open one of his presents.
this photo is more 'arty' than normal, although i'd like to think that it gives a sense of the commotion and excitement that comes with opening presents, all blurry and fast.
i spent most of this afternoon putting together one of the larger star wars lego ships he received, it was one of the most intellectually challenging things i have done in months.
ages 5+

taken at my grandmas house

Sunday, 25 April 2010

West bay panorama

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

chris, phil and rhia on west bay beach after having a nice sunday brunch.
i like the dramatic sky and i think its funny how chris looks like hes been stuck onto the image after it was taken, unavoidable.
this image does look so much better if you click on it and view it large, you can see it in loads more detail.

taken on westbay beach, dorset

Saturday, 24 April 2010


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

phil and johnny standing guard over the barbecue we had at rhias house last night.
it was super nice; good food, lots of bbq sauce and good company.
town afterwards was typically bleak.
now time for west bay with chris and work later.
also andinmyhandsacamera is now a .com!
i own part of the internet.

taken in rhias garden

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sunny walking

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

phil, chris, tom and joe walk into town to buy a frisbee and stumble upon mark.
the weather has been so so nice recently, i hope it stays like this, it gives me something to get up for and makes me want to do things.
i like the reds and the blues and joes shirt.
also i think andinmyhands is going to be a .com soon, exciting times.

taken in st andrews road, bridport

Saturday, 17 April 2010


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

me, johnny, tim and mark went for this years first kick about today.
it was good fun and mark made us all look silly with his well honed football skills and shark like physique.
its starting to feel like summer.

taken on colfox football grounds

Thursday, 15 April 2010


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

this is my grandma and grandads pet parrot called dizzy.
he can talk
he imitates dog barks, says hello and laughs when you laugh, he also has a bell that he pecks when he wants something.
in unrelated news i got an email from this guy called pete millson saying that he liked my work, which is always lovely.
hes taken photos for the guardian and NME and loads of other publications so obviously his photos are pretty good.
check him and his work out here

taken in my grandmas conservatory

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The grand national

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

a customer gets his betting slip checked by a Ladbrokes employee.
me and some friends placed bets as well and spread £10 each over four horses; we nearly won, but right at the last minute our hopes began to fade as 'dont push it' crept past 'black apalachi'.
i dont think ive ever gone from super excited to fuming angry so quickly.
theres always next year.

taken in ladbrokes, bridport

Easter bunny

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, on camera flash

ellie and rhia being easter bunnys at ellies party, it was fun and ring of fire was played.
work the next day was not fun, but now its over and i have a day off.
hello johnny if your reading this, i hope you like catching up on the bumper double post ( for you anyway )
to see more of the johnny in question go here to see the finished version of the short film featuring him.
also go and see this girls blog, its ace and she takes pictures of washing machines and stuff -
i've been meaning to put these links in for ages, so i thought i may as well do them all at once.
thats how things seem to happen these days, all at once.

now time to be horizontal for a while.

taken in ellies house

Thursday, 8 April 2010


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

this photo was taken a few days ago, but it was one of the last photos i took in my old house.
its some of the boxes full of stuff, my mattress and a bag of clothes in my room.
i want a new house.
i like how detailed the lines on the mattress are.

taken in my old room

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Goldfish hanger

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

my goldfish luxemburg, in a bag, suspended from a hook in my old bedroom door.
i had to keep him there whilst i cleaned out his bowl, before i moved him up to my grans house.
this was the best place to put him as its out of reach for my cat.
google analytics tells me that 36 people visited my blog yesterday, mental.

taken in my old bedroom

Sunday, 4 April 2010


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

oh my god.
moving house sucks.
that is what ive been doing this week, also ive had no internet because we got cut off earlier than we should have done, so sorry for everyone thats been waiting for me to reply to emails, waiting for new posts etc.. sorry.
ring talktalk and complain.
this photo is of joe and phil moving mine and joes stuff / computers into the room that we will be sharing at my grans house until mum and stepdad find a house they like.
thanks phil for helping out so much, i'll buy you a Guinness.
i'm going to be trying to get a post up every two days this month, so keep checking back.
10 followers as well, awesome!

taken in mine and joes room, grans house