Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter bunny

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, on camera flash

ellie and rhia being easter bunnys at ellies party, it was fun and ring of fire was played.
work the next day was not fun, but now its over and i have a day off.
hello johnny if your reading this, i hope you like catching up on the bumper double post ( for you anyway )
to see more of the johnny in question go here to see the finished version of the short film featuring him.
also go and see this girls blog, its ace and she takes pictures of washing machines and stuff -
i've been meaning to put these links in for ages, so i thought i may as well do them all at once.
thats how things seem to happen these days, all at once.

now time to be horizontal for a while.

taken in ellies house


  1. awww you mentioned me! I'm loving all your work sam! hows the uni stuff going. btw I deleted my facebook if you were wondering where i went !! eehee xx

  2. no problem jen! i little linking goes along way :)
    uni stuffs good, i got into LCC for photojournalism so im fully set on going there. its scary to think i'll be living in london in september...
    yeah i was wondering, haha thats ok it can get a bit much sometimes cant it xxx