Friday, 13 August 2010

Moving 2

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens


so mum and jp found a house they liked
( read this earlier post for backstory
and me joe helped them move all the stuff in today, well most of the stuff anyway.
i am currently still at grandmas but this will change shortly ( once the internet gets sorted for mr new house )
it is a nice house, it's smaller than the last one, but a cute kind of small.
i wont be living there for much longer as i'll be in london from september onwards, so im really not overly fussed.
mum and jp and charlie seem to like it though, and that's what's important.

the photo is of joe track-standing no handed on his bike in my room-to-be, we basically did this all day and ate french cheesy crisps.

taken in my new room

(hands up if you read 'new room' as 'nom nom')

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