Saturday, 6 November 2010

About last night

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

last night me and jennif ( went into central to take some photos / try and see some fireworks.
we didn't see any and succeeded in getting very wet.
the photo side of things went a bit better though, ive started to take photos of people taking photos of each other in front of touristy places in central london, manly on southbank and by westminster, needless to say, last night was a good time to start adding to my collection.

in order to catch his flash in my exposure i had to have the shutter open for quite a long time, and because it was hand held its a bit blurry, you get the idea though.
all in all it was a lovely evening and after chasing various couples around southbank and having our bus attacked with fireworks, we got home, bought falafel wraps, managed to watch some fireworks in the pouring rain above a petrol station, drunk beer and talked at length / complained to each other about our lives...

thats what friends are for

taken on westminster bridge


  1. I love the idea of taking photos of people taking photos of people, I toyed with the idea last easter in weymouth in a Martin Parr Style (huge flash) but I didn't think I was able to pull it off well.