Saturday, 27 November 2010

Busy week

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens, sigma flash

sorry for the lack of posts this week.
i have been very busy mainly with the riot / protest i was covering on wednesday, the court hearing i was covering on the same day, the 300 word news article i had to write for wednesday and the 1500 word essay i had to write for thursday.
basically too much fire, too many early mornings and too many late nights.
i havent really seen day light these past two days though, so im catching up on sleep.

above is a little collection of my favourite photos i have taken this week.
my work also got published on the reuters news website for the second time this month, so im pretty happy about that.
normal boring posts about my life should resume next week.

taken mainly in whitehall, pret a manger, and outside the westminster magistrates court

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  1. This is amazing, you got a photo of that kid that threw a fire extinguisher! you are so talented my dear! xxx