Monday, 30 May 2011


canon eos 40d, home-made pinhole lens, tripod

saw today that you can buy pinhole lenses made out of camera body caps, so i decided to make my own out of some black card. after a bit of knifing and taping i had one ready to use.

this is what my bed looked like post lens construction -

i cut up a bit of clear negative and stuck it behind the hole in the card to save my sensor from getting more dusty than it already is and to give it a bit of a film-esque tint. im pretty happy with the results. im guessing the focal length is about 60mm. this was taken on a 30 second exposure.

im going to play with it some more and post another digital pinhole photo everyday this week. woop hipster shit

also i kind of redid my tumblr layout. now the images are all hi res so you can see every inch of rushed clone stamping and dodgy masking.

taken in our yard

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