Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Eye aye

canon eos 40d, 50mm inverted, flashgun, tripod

this is the bluer of my two eyes. ones more green and ones more blue, its hard to tell at first glance but in certain lights its evident.

this took ages to set up, i had to put a mirror behind the camera so i could see if it was in focus or not on the live view. the things i do for this blog...

cleaned up the house today and finally emptied the flying ant and glass bottle ridden paddling pool. matt left 171 to go back home for abit which makes us all sad. we will be seeing him soon though as my band and his are starting a collaborative music project called 'Marriage' in July. keep em peeledz.

right, time for another microwavable lasange and mini chocolate spongey cakes.

taken in my room

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