Sunday, 3 July 2011


canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm

downloaded a free tiral of this software called 'exposure 3' made by alien skin today. its basically a set of filters that are supposed to recreate the looks of different types of film. apparently this is what fuji velvia 100 looks like if you leave it in the processing tank for too long... it is a handy program if you're hell bent on turning every digital photo you take into one that looks like a film photo, however to be honest a lot of the effects are quite easy to create in photoshop if you know what you're doing. also if you're willing to fork out £170 for it you may as well spent it on some nice film and develop it instead. i dunno, im annoyingly opinionated - a phrase which here means "someone who is irritating and thrusts their opinions in your face" - when it comes to these sorts of things.

djokovic won wimbledon. it was an awesome match to watch whilst eating my plate of tinned beans and sausages. i reckon he deserved to win, nadals getting boring.

going over to laurie and laurens new pad tonight. woop woop

taken in my garden

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