Thursday, 21 July 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm lens

thats charlie being young and boundless whilst running up some steps in lyme regis. he spent most of the day being full of chips, ice cream and finally extreme happiness as joe won him a plush meerkat from one of the numerous grabby machines in the arcade next to the beach. joes weird knack for winning toys from them and has had us kicked out of arcades before because of this.

i saw some stuff in lyme regis, im going to list it all here as i cant think of funny anicdotes for each one; a really hairy guy that probably shouldnt have taken his top off, a little purple sticker i put on a wall years ago thats still there, joe making a stone skip 8 times, some pointy stones, a very sane looking 'crazy' golf course, a seagull shitting on a car, some dogs and a girl that really didnt want to be serving me an ice cream.

after all the jolly japes we bundled on the bus and plonked promptly home. (a million points to anyone who finds that last sentence hilarious because you've realised what im referencing)

ive got some chocolate and theres a fridge full of lemonade. nice.

taken in lyme regis

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