Sunday, 28 August 2011


canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm, tripod, studio flash

i took some photos of the coin dropping in and making the water splash but i liked this one best. the stillness is nice. no ripples.

i read alot of words today and ate some crisps. i havent done alot but ive made plans to. ive got a few more project ideas for next year and my 'stuff i should probably do list' is growing, its a healthy growth though; like the way your admiration and respect might grow for someone after they do nice things repeatedly, rather than the way some life threatening tumour might grow inside someone.

ive started thinking a bit more seriously about an essay im going to write and probably never publish. this is exciting. also tim just cut his hand open. he's okay though.

that is all

taken in my room

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