Tuesday, 9 August 2011


canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm

so it went on a bit last night. fires burning out of control everywhere, police getting bottled. basically a shed load of violence that id rather stop thinking about.

in an attempt to understand why people are rioting a few articles have popped up saying that 'people need to understand that these kids are angry because the UK is in such a bad way blah blah 'insert statistic about unemployment here'. Although there may be a few people getting angry because of the factors the articles mention, it simply does not excuse burning down peoples homes, wrecking peoples businesses and ruining peoples lives.

In other news Alan had put up his anti violence themed zine 'Moron' to view online, particularly fitting at this point in time i think. Theres a few of my photos in it as well...

taken outside morrisons, peckham

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