Tuesday, 2 August 2011


canon eos 40d, sigma 50-200mm

woke up at a 'normal person' time today but unfortunately it wasnt really hot enough for pool fun. me and phil went instead to meet lauren and laurie. we went to see the Press Photographers year exhibit at on southbank and it was amazing / very daunting. i think i might enter next year though, looks fun.

after that we went and sat in the park under the london eye and ate nuts and drank beer. we watched a guy with dreadlocks wrestle all his friends and generally insist on being the centre of attention. we guessed that he was the kind of guy that adores the fact his closest friends call him 'crazy' and think hes the life of party. people watching and making up back stories for them is the best fun.

had a sit down shower at lauren and lauries, interesting.

taken in the park under the london eye

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