Sunday, 7 August 2011

So many of the post titles on this blog have the word box in them

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm, sigma flash

today i woke up after having some weird dreams involving me getting punched in the face, having to decorate cigarette lighters, not being able to find the right coloured pen and chasing after someone who had stolen a ladder. i dont know what happened or if i finally caught up with the ladder wielding theif but i dont particularly want to find out.

later, me, joe, phil and matt crammed all of us plus one drumkit, 3 guitar amps with cabs, a bass, two guitars and two mattresses into our at best 'small' box room and had a mini practice / song writing / making lots of noise hour. it was awesome but also as you probably dont want to imagine, so so so so so so so so hot. still, it was fun to play drums after i haven't in like a month or so.

in other news i just nearly finished off a whole tub of caramelised onion hummus with just three pitta breads. thats some serious hummus intake right there.

taken in the box room

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