Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tube six

sony ericsson elm

sorry if thats put you off yr dinner or whatever.

after staying awake for almost a day and a half i got invited by maggie to go and see pulled apart by horses and deftones live last night. it was awesome and we both had smiles on our faces throughout. the sick on the tube on the way home was not so awesome though. i dunno who did it but they should probably eat more veg.

when i got back i stayed awake a bit longer but after a while the keys of my keyboard started to feel like quavers and i could taste them as well so went to bed. i think my brain was playing tricks on me. this is somewhat worrying.

my cold seems to be retreating though, this is good. i also bought ten packs of asda own brand 11p noodles today.

taken on the victoria line

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