Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brown and green and grey

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm

i didnt sleep and im feeling OKAY. i watched the machinist last night to get me in the mood and now i keep expecting to see a post it note on my fridge. dark

after much deliberation i decided to venture out and take some sleep deprived photos of burgess park being all nice and sunny and rainy but to my dismay some builders have literally fenced off the WHOLE park. like, all of it. theyre doing construction there or something in order to make it prettier for the olympics. although its pretty pretty as it is i reckon.

anyway, being the intrepid (meh), badass (haha), awesome (just about passed first year...) photojournalist i am i decided to find a way into burgess park because i felt pretty hard done by, especially after all the walking. eventually i found a rather badly fenced area and climbed/squeezed/is this really worth it'd my through onto this little path buried in the heart of the site. it looked like it had been completely untouched for a few weeks, it was certainly in need of a leaf sweep anyway. mission accomplished.

so thats what i did today. of course i did the usual eating stuff, putting washing on the line, listening to owen and moaning about my life to various people on facebook. of course i did all that, why did you even ask?

taken in burgess park

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