Monday, 28 November 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm

a photoset usually means that i have actually gone and done something with my life. i did.

me, emily, emilys dad and his other half val went into london and had a look around the national portrait gallery, there was some good photography and some bad photography. i waited outside a toilet for about half an hour and then we went to hyde parks winter wonderland tacky christmas fair spectacular. it was the worst and best thing ever. horrible faux wooden huts housing food outlets, fair games and even cash machines, a big light up turny wheel and pretty much everything to do with christmas you could ever want ever and more. it was pretty good to take photos at as well, im going to go back there at some point.

im now really quite tired as i havent been sleeping well recently and walking around london all day makes the legs ache. me. tired. 9.30 pm. what

taken in hyde park, london

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