Friday, 25 November 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm

"i swallowed water right in front of her face, just to show that she had nothing to say" that line has been in my head all day. its a good one i think

i slept past my alarms and awoke to toni ringing me to tell me that she was in the library waiting for a lens that i promised to lend her. i got my self organised and went to fulfil this promise. on the way i saw a man get knocked from his bike by a bus, it was pretty shocking but he was okay. the bus didnt even stop or anything either, terrible people.

i got some books from the library full of joel meyerowitz's photographs. i am gradually falling in love with his work. it reminds me of my own but a million times better, this is both great and depressing. colour

we are going out tonight to a place called 'camp' in shoreditch, i reckon it'll be quite fun as there will be some good people knocking about. i think we might be home quite late.

someone buy me a 8x10 large format camera please. thanks

taken in my room

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