Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas 2011

canon eos 40d, canon 50mm

so this is christmas and those are some christmas lights bokeh'd because i cant use the 50mm i got well enough to take good photos yet. 

i actually went to sleep at an okay time last night, so charlie running into my room shouting ITS CHRISTMAS SAAAAMMMMMM! at half past seven in the morning wasnt quite as painful as i had anticipated. 

present opening was good. i got some cool books and a little lego boxer man and the annual abundance of grey clothing amongst other things.

after that me and joe went to dads with granny and grandad. it was nice to have a small lunch at christmas for once with just a few people. good conversations and larfs. 

i also had a whole bowl of custard to myself. merry christmas

taken in dads living room

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