Sunday, 24 July 2011


canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm

went out last night for some pints of beer, saw some old faces and a seagull get run over. it was actually quite distressing to see something breathe its last breath. it was writing all over the road and everything and then zoom, 'pop'. ushushush. came home and had a brilliant set of facebook conversations 'til it was light.

arose feeling slightly worse for wear and headed to grandmas for some anadin with a sunday roast chaser. feeling much better and minus a pretty big headthumper, me and grandad found all his old change to take down to the coin sorting machine in morrisons. by the time we had collected it all the canavs bag weighed a good 15kg. i swear hes been robbing amusement arcades or something...

came home and tired the dog out in the garden, charlie did good tennis ball chucking. i also taught him how to make a diy rubber band crossbow, we shot his playmobil people right up.

taken in the garden

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