Monday, 25 July 2011

Running from camera 1

canon eos 40d, tokina 12-24mm, rock tripod

been feeling abit blergh today.

went to sleep as the morning mist rolled in over bridport and woke up four hours later with a really cramped stomach, the pain actually woke me up. since then its been on and off all day, weird hurty. anyway, i came across this project the other day and loved it so much that i planned to do my own running from camera picture each day this week. lengthy, archival photography projects (you're reading mine) are right up my alley...

we can take two things from this photo - that i run like an idiot and that i cant sprint very far in the two seconds allowed by the self timer. i never did very well in sports day at school.

in other body news, my facial hair reached the point today where it had gone past 'unkempt' and turned officially 'scraggly'. with tims electric buzzer being in london i had to buy a genuine metal face scraper from morrisons. i havent wet shaved for about a year but its amazing how smooth it makes your face. charlie said i looked 'nice again'.

taken in the field by morrisons next to the field with all the cows in

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